One Kings Lane accelerates resolution time 320% with Shipped AI

One Kings Lane wanted to elevate their customer experience with higher satisfaction and faster resolution times for their loyal customers by leveraging AI. After an extensive search comparing multiple potential partners, they chose Shipped. 

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One Kings Lane is an American luxury home decor retailer featuring home accessories and furniture. The company has over 10 million members and was acquired by Bed Bath & Beyond in 2016. 

The Headache

With any furniture retailer, one of the biggest headaches is orders damaged on arrival (DOA).

It is an extremely frustrating experience for customers, a pain to deal with vendor management and also a significant drag to the P&L. 


The company was looking to leverage its internal engineering resources to build a custom solution to address the issue when it discovered Shipped AI. 

The Painkiller

Enter Shipped AI instant resolutions. Instant resolutions leverage existing customer data such as purchase frequency, address matching, issue frequency and our cross-merchant fraud detection to vastly improve the resolution time of delivery issues. 


In four weeks, it was integrated into the One Kings Lane checkout flow – for headless BigCommerce and mobile – thanks to some custom work by the Shipped dev team.

KPI Results

79% of customers purchase Shipped Shield, creating a new incremental revenue stream for One Kings Lane. 


Shipped AI improved resolution time by 320% with a perfect 100% customer satisfaction rate. 


Running a 50/50 A/B test over 2 months, the team measured no difference in conversion rate with a 95% statistical significance.

Fast Solution.
Immediate Impact.

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Ready to get started?

Get in touch and let us know how we can help.